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Ah, Holy Jesus

FULL CHOIR (adapted for solo ringer)

arranged by Arnold Sherman

published by Agape/Hope Publishing

Code No. 1612


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated Feb. 19, 2004)

General Notes:

The soloist plays the melody throughout, however I play the 2nd verse (m. 21-35) on chimes and have added harmony to the last verse.

Table Setup:

Remove C#5, C#6, D#6 & F6

Bb4 in C#5's place

Ab4 to the left of Bb4

G4 in the space above & between E5 & F5

E6\B5 in E6's place

C6 in B5's place

A5/D6 in C6's place

F#6\A6 in A6's place

B6 in F#6's place

Optional:  Set E7 & B7 above and to the right of C7

set up chimes in keyboard order above the 5s:  G5, Ab5, Bb5, C6, D6, Eb6, F6, G6, Ab6


m. 1:  begin with C5 in right hand

m. 8:  pass Eb5 from left hand to right

m. 21-35:  same choreography as m. 1-15

m. 41:  play both E6 & B5 (B5 is a whole note), release the E6 into home position, keeping B5 in right hand

m. 42:  play both D6 & A5, set down the cluster as a unit.  While ringing B5, create G6/E6 cluster.  Set down B5 in F#6's home position.

m. 43:  beat 3, ring both G6 & E6 (E6 is a half note, if desired)

m. 44:  ring both A6 & E6 (E6 is a half note)

m. 45:  beat 3, ring both G6 & E6, set down E6, keep G6 in hand.  Beat 4, ring both A6 & F#6, set down F#6, keep A6 in hand

m. 46:  beat 1, ring both B6 & G6.  Create C7\A6 cluster

m. 47:  beat 1, ring both C7 & A6, quarter notes, set down C7.  Beat 3, ring oth B6 & G6, quarter notes, set down B6

m. 48:  add an F#6 quarter note to beat 2 (A6 on beat 1 remains a half note).  X cluster on beat 3.  While playing G6 half note, create F#6\E6 cluster.

m. 49:  play both G6 & E6, half note, create G6/B6 cluster.  After beat 4, set down F#6\E6 cluster as a unit

m. 50:  play both D6 & A5 (half note).  Pass D6 from lh2 to rh1 & pick up B5\D6 cluster.  Ring only B5 on beat 3

m. 51:  beat 1, play both D6 & B5 (B5 is a half note), create A5/C6 cluster.  Beat 3, pick up E6 with the left hand from on top of the F#6\E6 cluster, ring both E6 & B5, set down E6 in its home position.  Beat 4, ring both D6 & B5

m. 52:  beat 1, ring both C6 & A5, half note.  Beat 3, ring only B5, set down B5\D6 cluster as a unit.  Create G6/B6 cluster

m. 53:  beat 1, play both B6 & G6, half note, create E6\A6 cluster, return B6 to F#6's place.  Beat 3, play both A6 & E6, quarter note, create G6/F#6 cluster.  Beat 4, play both G6 & E6, quarter note

m. 55:  G6XF#6, A6XE6

m. 65:  play E6 with left hand, create E6/B6 cluster

m. 66:  pick up D6 with right hand from on top of the B5\D6 cluster.  Beat 3, play B5 with left hand.

m. 67:  create "Paw" for right hand - B7\\E7\F#6 (for pictures of & instructions for the "Paw", please see this page)

m. 68:  ring E6, F#6, B6, E7 & B7 

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