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Carols for All Seasons 

arranged by Christine D. Anderson

published by Agape/Hope Publishing

Code No. 1588


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated Jan. 2, 2004)

Noel Nouvelet:

Instead of setting it up like this:

  1. Left Hand = E6, F#6, G6
    Right Hand = A6, B6, C#7

I set it up like this:

  1. Left Hand = F#6, A6, C#7 (F#6 on the inside, A6 in the middle, and C#7 on the outside)

  2. Right Hand = E6, B6, G6 (E6 on the inside, B6 in the middle, and G6 on the outside)

This allows the piece to be damped chordally, as a pianist would damp, and avoids the run-on "mushiness" that happens a lot with 6iH works.

Kings of Orient:

Set down the 6iH clusters above the row of black notes — I usually put the RH cluster above C#6 & D#6 because I need it again for the end of the piece.

m. 32-33, set B5\G5.

m. 34-35, set down the B5 after playing it. Release G5 as you play the E5. Keep E5 as a constant, creating E5/G5 cluster, setting down G5 after the 16th note. Release E5.

m. 36-37, same as 34-35.

m. 38, play G5 with RH (and release), keep A5 as a constant, forming A5\C6 cluster. 

m. 39, keep B5 as a constant, forming D6\B5 cluster. Release D6 & C6 after playing, still keeping A5 & B5 as constants.

m. 40-41, set down G5\B5 cluster as a unit, form A5/F#5 cluster. (Add a slight rubato to smooth the under-hand reach for E5.) During the A5/F#5 fermata, separate the G5xB5 cluster.

m. 42-45, while playing the G5, create D5/E5 cluster (or, alternatively, you could have formed a E5/D5 cluster in m. 41). Set this down as a unit at the end of m. 45.

m. 46-50, keep G5 as a constant, forming B5\G5 cluster. Pick up A5 from on top of F#5 & keep it as a constant, forming A5/C6 cluster. Release C6 after playing it. Return the A5 to its home position. You can either keep the B5\G5 together in your hand through m. 48-49, or you can let go of it after table damping it at the beginning of m. 48. If you choose to separate them, you will need to re-form the B5\G5 cluster for m. 52.

m. 52, start the phrase with your LH. I only play the E6 & leave out the ending G6, because I don't think the chord sounds "final" with that note added. Your Mileage May Vary!

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