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Christmas is Coming


by Joel Raney

published by Agape/Hope Publishing

Code No. C5203


Choreography by Cordetta Valthauser

(last updated December 13, 2002)

Cordetta's choreography:

This piece is published with a bell part printed on the last page of the octavo, also printed on a separate staff in the vocal score.  Scored for 11 bells. (6's & 7's)

The bell part, I assume, is meant to be rung by an ensemble/choir of ringers.

The Brecksville Community Choir (in which I sing) is doing this as the beginning number on their Christmas Concert.  I was asked to do the bell part as a solo.  Since the handbell part represents Bells in the Steeple, I figured it would be ok to LV or Bell Tree them.

I'm using the Peery Bell Tree pole, one arm on the pole.

Dividing bells into two trees:

  1. 1.Closest to pole, C6 D6 Eb6 F6 Gb6 Ab6  (reading from bottom to top.....the C6 on my left.)

  2. 2.A second tree on same pole arm, in front of the first tree......again reading from the bottom.... C7  D7  G7  Eb7  (C7 on my left) 

(Notice this is not in keyboard order...intentionally, to aid the right left patterns I set up in playing the song)

Yes it was quite easy to play with the choir, clipping along at 120 per quarter note.  I used a hard mallet in each hand.

Measure 47, 90, 97, I quickly picked up an extra mallet in each hand, and easily played the 4 note chord very fast to achieve a 'shake' sound.

The only time I 'carefully damped' was to damp the Gb6 of measures 47, and 90, as it led to G natural, in measures 48, and 91.

All the rest I let ring.....It fit right in with the words of the song.  "Let the church bells ring".

A very successful piece, and was fun to do.

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