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God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 

arranged by Sue Garton

published by STEP

September, 2001


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated Dec. 13, 2002)

Table setup:

I switch my flats with naturals for this piece.  For example, I put Eb5 in the E5 space, Ab5 in the A5 space, Bb5 in the B5 space, Db6 in the D6 space, and Eb6 in the E6 space, and leave F5 & C6 in their regular spaces.



NOTE:  There is a typo in the published choreography for mm. 35-49 — it does not include flat signs. Just remember that all As & Es in the choreography are supposed to be flat.


mm. 9-32: Consider playing these on bell tree rather than 6iH. String 2 trees: one with D6, E6, F#6 and G6; and one with A6, B6, C7, D7 and E7. I always string my trees so that the largest bell is at the top, bearing the weight of the other bells.

m. 35 and 37: displace G5 to space between Eb5 and F#5 (where those bells usually go, not between where they're setup for this piece)

m. 36 and 38: return G5 to its home position

m. 41-42: keep the Ab5 in left hand and play Ab/F rather than indicated F/Ab. Return F5 to home position after beat 2, keeping Ab5 in hand for beat 4

m. 45: I don't do the sub piano until m. 46

m. 47: I leave out the F5

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