The Clearinghouse of Choreography



arranged by Kevin McChesney

published by STEP

January, 1999


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated June 24, 2003)

Table setup:

Keyboard order, but displace C7 in third row above C6


m. 5: Start with Eb5\C6 cluster, release Eb5 after playing

m. 6: Return C6 to home position

m. 7: Keep Eb5 in rh as constant, form G6\Eb5 cluster

m. 8: Release G6 after playing it, return Eb5 to home position, pass C6 from lh-rh and keep as constant

m. 9-12: same as m. 5-8, except keep C6 in lh on beat 4

m. 13: Form Bb6\G6 cluster

m. 14: Release Bb6 after playing, keep G6 in hand as constant, form Eb6\G6 cluster, release Eb6 after playing

m. 15: Return G6 to home position after beat 3, pick up Eb6 in lh and keep as constant, form Eb6/G6 cluster

m. 16: Release G6 after playing, release Eb6 after playing, keep C6 in rh as constant

m. 17: Form Eb6\C6 cluster, release Eb6 after playing

m. 18-21: Same as 10-13

m. 22: Set Eb6\C6

m. 28-39: Same as 5-16, except in m. 37: displace Bb5 in space above and between E5 and F5

m. 40: Return Bb5 to home position, release Eb6 after playing

m. 41-43: Same as 18-20

m. 49-56: Same as 5-12

m. 57: Keep C6 in lh, create C6/Eb6 cluster, release Eb6 after playing, keep G6 in rh, create Bb6\G6 cluster

m. 58: Displace Bb6 in space above and between E6 & F6, keep G6 as constant, create Eb6\G6 cluster, release Eb6 after playing

m. 59-63: Same as 15-19

m. 64-65: Keep F6 in lh, create F6/C6 cluster, keep both 4iH clusters intact

m. 66: Release G6\Eb6 cluster

m. 67-69: Pass C6 from lh2-rh, table F6, create C7\\C6 shelley cluster, keep Bb5 in lh, create Bb5//Bb6 shelley cluster (the published choreography says Bb6//Bb7, this is a misprint)

  1. m.72-73: Pass C7 from rh2-lh, table C7 above and between E5 & F5, create G5\\C7 shelley cluster

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Original "Golden Dancer" figure by Elizabeth Kennedy.

"Scribble Dancer" figure by Gretchen Rauch.

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