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Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming 

arranged by Michael Kastner

& Kevin McChesney

published by Jeffers Handbell Supply

Code No. JH S9155


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

Additional choreography by Jan Davis

(last updated Apr. 26, 2003)

Michèle's choreography:

Table setup:

G6/C7 & F6 above the upper 5s

optional: F7 above C7's spot

optional: duplicate C7, Bb6, A6, G6, F6 on bell tree


Optional: play first 5 measures 8va on a bell tree.

m. 10: begin with Right hand

m. 16: after playing C6, place it in space between D#5 and F#5

m. 18: pass F5 from Left hand to Right

m. 19: pass D5 from Left hand to Right

m. 22: replace C6 in its home position

m. 25: take C6 in Left hand and form C6/F6 cluster

m. 37: begin with Left hand

m. 48: after playing C6, place it in space between D#5 and F#5

m. 51: begin with Left hand

m. 52: pass D5 from Left hand to Right

m. 53: form F5/E5 cluster

m. 54: after playing C6, form A5\C6 cluster; insert short pause after fermata

m. 55: after playing A5, replace it in its home position; I don't play the F5 on beat 2

m. 58: after playing C7, form F7\C7 cluster

m. 59: after playing A6, form A6/F6 cluster

  1. m.61: play all four notes (A6/F6 F7\C7)

Jan's choreography:

First of all, I started the piece by playing through the melody of "O Come Emmanuel" unaccompanied. When I reached the point in the song where the intro to the written piece is, I paused and the piano hit the first chord and we continued as written. We jokingly called it "The O-Lo Medley".

At the start, all the bells used in the piece are layed out in order, with the exception of the G6 and C7 being already set up for a right hand 4ih and placed above the other high bells.

After the fermata on measure 5 (during the 4 measure piano interlude) I placed E5 above A5, D5 above G5, and C5 above F5. This re-setting eliminates a lot of side to side movement and makes the whole thing "flow" very smoothly by cutting down on how far out the bells are spread.

m. 10: start right hand, alternate through

m. 15: RH starts

m. 19: RH starts

m 25: prepare C6/F6

m. 37: RH starts

I pretty much did the end as noted on the music, except I played 4 notes at the end: F5&C6-RH, F6&A6-LH

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