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O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus 

arranged by Christine D. Anderson

published by Agape/Hope Publishing

Code No. 1576


Choreography by Christine D. Anderson

(last updated Oct. 24, 2002)

Note from Michèle: I first saw Christine play this piece on her video "Christine D. Anderson in Concert". 'Ebenezer' has always been one of my favorite hymn tunes and Christine's arrangement is simply lovely. I told her this when I met her at the Handbell Exploration event held in Cleveland in 2000 and she mentioned that she had changed the choreography since the piece was originally published, so I asked her to write up the changes for inclusion on this site.

Unfortunately, this piece is no longer available directly from Hope Publishing; they don't even list it on their website anymore.  It is still available from handbell retailers such as Jeffers Handbell Supply as a "Print on Demand" score.

Christine's choreography:

Displaced bells:

E5 — place between Bb5 & C6 m. 1, return to normal spot m. 6. Same thing m. 16, return m. 24.

E6 — place to the right of Bb6 m. 41.

G5 — place between Bb5 & C6 m. 58, return m. 62; repeat displacement m. 74 and keep it there to end.

Tempo changes:

Faster tempo mm. 9-40, tempo 1 mm. 41-44 w/rit. m. 44-45

Faster tempo mm.51-72

Start rit. poco a poco m. 73, goes to the end, w/m. 78 marked "slowly"

Tenuto marking over F#6, m. 78

Rall. m. 66, a tempo m. 67 

I put a "Ph.D." on last measure - "phanny damp."

I use right hand only on my "knock-shake" style 2-in-hand, and almost every 2nd and 3rd eighth notes in the 3-eighth note patterns are done 2/h when it involves step-wise movement, no damping the middle note, damping the 3rd note after the 2nd is rung again.

Example: m. 9-10, E damped normally, F# damped when E is rung at m. 10, G damped when the F# is rung beat 1, m. 10. I interlock the handles of Eb & E 7, quartet style, with the E on the left, Eb on the right, out of keyboard order, and finger damp the Eb m. 45.  



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