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Thanksgiving Medley 

from Songs for the Solo Ringer

arranged by Christine D. Anderson

published by Agape/Hope Publishing

Code No. 1245


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated Oct. 24, 2002)

I play the first 16 measures ('Come, Ye Thankful People, Come') twice, once without accompaniment and once with. I do this because otherwise the piece "feels" too short to me. The first time I keep the mp dynamic marking, but the second time I play forte and rit. in m. 16 the 2nd time. I also add an A5 to the F5 half note at the end of m. 16. 

I also add a couple of notes to 'Now Thank We All Our God' in mm. 20 & 24: in both measures, I play the D6 as a dotted-quarter note, then add a C6 eighth note, then a B5 quarter note


m. 22: pass the A5 from left hand to right

m. 26: pass the A5 from left hand to right

m. 29: keep the C#6 in your right hand and create E6\C#6 right hand cluster

m. 30: break the E6\C#6 cluster during the D6 doted-half note, returning the bells to their home positions

m. 34: because of the shenanigans in m. 29, the G5 dotted-half note is already in the left hand; no need to pass it. Keep the D6 in your right hand and create C6\D6 right hand cluster

m. 35: keep the E6 in your left hand and create E6/B5 left hand cluster. Return the C6 to its home position after playing it on beat 2. Keeping the D6 in your right hand, create the G6\D6 right hand cluster. (No need to R-hook-L.)

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