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The Lord's Prayer 

arranged by Christine D. Anderson

published by Agape/Hope Publishing

Code No. 1588


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated Jan. 31, 2003)

Table Setup:



  1. (update, January 31, 2003: I decided that I like them better set up as C5/D5 and F5\E5. YMMV — use whatever works for you.)




  1. NOTE: I use no chimes in this piece.  If you choose to do the same, do not play the notes indicated for chimes; simply leave them out.  (They're not in the original vocal piece.) 

m. 11: X all, setup E5//G5

m. 12: setup B5//G#5 and A5/F5

m. 13: play E5//G5 (rather than just G5), then disassemble

m. 15: play B5//G#5 (rather than just B5), then disassemble (lh2-rh), keeping B5 in left hand

m. 16: keep C6 in right hand and create G5\C6 cluster

m. 17: disassemble A5/F5 cluster, create F5\D6 cluster

m. 18: release G5, then create E5\C6 cluster

m. 21-24: If you don't play the optional notes, X all here

m. 32-34: I don't play the optional notes here, either

m. 39: pass C6 from right hand to left

m. 40: keep E6 as a constant, creating C#6\E6 cluster

m. 41: release C#6 after playing it & create F6\E6 cluster

m. 44: damp C6 in D6/C6 configuration (Don't damp the D6 until beat one of m. 45 - this is to emphasize the C6 anticipation which is a non-harmonic tone.)

m. 45: release the D6 and pass the C6 to the right hand

m. 46: create C5/D5 and F5\E5 clusters

m. 48: damp D5 & F5 while ringing C5 & E5. Michèle doesn't do the swing

m. 49: I don't do the swing. Use either hand to pick up the C6. 

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