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The Rejoicing 

arranged by Michael Kastner

& Kevin McChesney

published by Jeffers Handbell Supply

Code No. JH S9137

  1. Recorded on Michèle's CD Chimera


Choreography by Michèle Sharik

(last updated July 16, 2004)

I only play through this piece once — adding all the optional notes.

Table setup:

Table setup is in 2 rows. 

First row (closest to ringer):  F#6 B5 D6 E6 F6 G6 A6

Second row (above the first row):  G5 C6 C7 B6

Start with D6/F6 & C6\E6 clusters


pickup: start with G5 in LH

m. 2: while ringing 8th notes, pass C6 from rh2-lh and set it down. Set down D6/F6 cluster as a unit at the end of the measure.

m. 3: create C6/C7 cluster

m. 4-5: X all. Create E6/F6 & A6\G6 clusters

m. 6: Set down A6\G6 cluster as a unit. Release F6 after playing it. Create E6/F#6 cluster.

m. 8-9: X all. Create D6/C6 & A6/C7 cluster. Optionally, create E6\G6 cluster.

m. 10: D6 home. Create B6\G6 cluster.

m. 11: Release B6 after ringing it. Release C7 after ringing it. Create F6\G6 cluster. F6 & A6 home at end of measure.

m. 12: Create F6/A6 & G6\E6 clusters. 

m. 13: Release A6 after playing it. Create F6/D6 cluster. Release G6 at end of measure.

m. 14: Create C6\E6 cluster.

m. 15: Release C6 at end of measure. Create G6\E6 cluster.

m. 16: Release D6 after playing it. Create F6/A6 cluster.

m. 17: Release A6 after playing it. Create F6/D6 cluster. Release G6 at end of measure. Create C6\D6 cluster.

m. 18: Set down F6/D6 cluster as a unit. Ring B5 with LH.

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